Sep 8, 2010

FIAT Pulse: on CarDesignNews!

Hi everyone. Here is the full press cover from the Pforzheim University SummerShow 2010,
which my project FIAT Pulse is in. I invite you to have look on it at this link and know more about.

Aug 5, 2010

Media: 4Rodas Magazine - Next 50 years car design

Hi everyone.
Here is a scan that a friend of mine sent from Brazil. The 4Rodas Magazine was completing 50 years old, and in a special edition included an issue about "The Next 50 Years" of car design, where some designers and studios were invited to show how could be the cars on these next 5 decades. My project MyMotion for Mercedes-Benz Germany was included illustrating the report. Thanks to Vitor from BRoba for invite me to participate.

See you all. Thanks for come.

Mar 10, 2010

Pforzheim University: Winter Show 2010/Press Video

This the press covering video made here in Germany about the Winter Design Degree Show 2010 at Pforzheim University. My project isn't there cause it was not a Degree one... but the video is nice. Thank you.

Pforzheim University: Winter Show 2010

I want invite you to visit the covering the Pforzheim University Winter Show 2010, that was last February. I hope you enjoy it.

Pforzheim University: Summer Show 2009

I invite you to take a look at the Pforzheim University Summer Show 2009 covering from website. It was my first semester and you can see other projects and understand a bit more of what happened that semester.

Thank you all.